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Living room

Cosy atmospheres in which to feel at home.

Different surfaces, cleverly combined, design environments that meet different tastes, to give back to each of us our personal and original style.

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Hyper-realistic, three-dimensional interpretation of exquisite marbles for interior design
Primitive slate in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles of evocative beauty.
Marble-effect floor and wall tiles which evoke past locations and tell precious stories
Fashion, flowers and the textures of ancient walls, all in a stoneware decor tile collection
Hyper-realistic natural stone made with Dinamika technology for interior floor and wall coverings.
A fine breccia, entrenched with primitive elements, suitable for decorating floors and walls
Wood-effect planks, available in warm and natural colours for a timeless look.
All the energy and beauty of Luserna stone.
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.
The cement material becomes industrial chic.
Exotic suggestions for wood-effect surfaces that set trends.
Mixtures of small and large pebbles for a "Ceppo di Grè" that is transversal to each style.
A sophisticated and understated stone to be lived in freedom.
Beauty and visual continuity of veins run through intimate and harmonious environments.
The warmth of wood in its natural and enveloping essence.
The charm and warmth of great country residences, to take to the city.
In the silence of the stone, in the deepest essence, that covers everything.
Wooden tables that time has cherished, protagonists of a new modernity.
Ceramic porphyry, protagonist of varied outdoor solutions.
Variability of formats and a multitude of decorations with a timeless rustic feel.
Versatility of solutions that recall history.

Ceramic and stoneware ideas and solutions for the living room

The living area and in particular the living room is the heart of the whole house, as well as the meeting point of different rooms. The modern lounge, when integrated with the kitchen, very often becomes the busiest area of the house. The two rooms can be most clearly and visibly separated by adapting the architecture of the house, however, even just by installing a raised floor and elevating, for example, the level of one of the two areas, perhaps even using different interior tiles, a clearly visible division can be achieved that leaves the ‘open space’ design of the living room intact. It is also very important that this functional area of the living room is designed not only to achieve maximum comfort and practicality, but also to be the most elegant and representative corner of our entire home. When choosing modern interior flooring, there are some essential objective factors to consider: the size of the room, the lighting and the layout of the interior.

To ensure a good colour match for porcelain stoneware indoor floors, you have to establish the style you want to achieve in advance. Currently, for example, for the interior floor of a living room, there is a preference for earth colours such as different shades of brown, grey in all its variations, or the stone or wood effect of natural materials. Black and white, perhaps in a glossy marble-effect version, is the latest trend in modern, elegant living rooms. None of these choices can be considered wrong. Alternating colours and materials that are often very different from each other and bold combinations only make our rooms more joyful, lively and welcoming, but it is important to create a modern environment that will not go out of fashion too quickly. Brightly coloured decorative tiles should therefore be limited to small portions of the floor, walls or niches. For example, a well-lit stone-effect wall in the living room can take centre stage and become as central as a framed work of art. 

Modern wood-effect flooring, installed with thin joints and a tone-on-tone grout, is a trend that shows no sign of abating even though several years have passed since the launch of the first wood-effect tiles made with digital technology and therefore fully resembling wooden parquet.

In this case, the installation choice is really crucial to achieve the optimal result. Tiles should be installed horizontally in the living room when covering the floor of a large, spacious house. In this case, it is best to opt for indoor tiles placed perpendicularly to doors and walls, in a linear fashion.

This porcelain stoneware should be installed vertically, however, when it comes to floors in small, narrow, rectangular rooms. For example, a living room’s corridor or entrance hall is often very narrow, so it is advisable to opt for a floor with tiles featuring a herringbone pattern, or Hungarian herringbone, which is even more striking.

The colour of the wood you choose is equally important. For example, the position of the runner or formwork tile may be better suited to light tones that create a spacious, airy effect. For this mood you can choose the St. Regis Bianco shade reminiscent of Nordic environments. By contrast, a vertical strip stoneware floor covering can be enhanced by strong, bold colours such as the mahogany wood effect of Burma.

All interior floor tile choices are also affected by the brightness of the living room. Rooms with few or even blind windows always require light-coloured tiles, even if dark floors are often more sophisticated.

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