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The allure of marble surfaces combined with the resistance of porcelain stoneware

A complete floor and wall tile project which with extreme realism combines the luminous and voluptuous movements of the veins with the innovation of large-size tiles.

Porcelain Stoneware Marble Del%20Conca_Premiere_01_Paradise_01 - Ceramica del Conca
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Porcelain Stoneware Marble Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_02 - Ceramica del Conca
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Porcelain Stoneware Marble Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_04 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Marble Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_05 - Ceramica del Conca


Hyper-realistic, three-dimensional interpretation of exquisite marbles for interior design
Marble-effect floor and wall tiles which evoke past locations and tell precious stories
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.


Choosing the right porcelain stoneware floor is the key to making any space instantly unforgettable. Marble-effect tiles, for example, have a timeless quality which ensures they never fall out of fashion. Whether used in a residential or commercial setting, these floors inspired by the rarest stone are suitable for any context and can be laid in original fashion every time thanks to their numerous colour variants and innumerable combination possibilities.

The Boutique collection by Del Conca draws inspiration from fine marbles found in all parts of the world and, for this reason, very different from each other. Synonymous with style and elegance, white marble-effect floors are a must. Inspired by a particular category of white marble from Carrara in Tuscany, the large Calacatta tiles have a pure white background with distinctive grey veins. The light colour, combined with the glossy marble effect, makes rooms larger, filling them with light and giving them a luxurious feel.

Glossy or matt tiles?  Details make the difference and those who love opulent spaces strong on personality should opt for an intense and sophisticated glossy surface. Glossy marble-effect floors also go perfectly with lots of materials and colours and, thanks to their luminosity, are equally at home in both large and small spaces.

The effect is guaranteed both with light colours and darker, stronger colours like anthracite or some particular shades of orange and red of the Ceramica del Conca Onice Fantastico. Onice Fantastico has a reddish base which is criss-crossed by veins of various different shades: cream, custard, hazelnut, brown, teal. This rich array of colours makes this marble-effect slab a genuine work of art.

Very fashionable at the moment are grey marble-effect floors inspired by fine Turkish Silver marble or Zebrino marble from the Apuan Alps with its beige background and almost linear streaks. Their free interpretation in porcelain stoneware has exalted the naturalness of the colour while preserving the light and elegant veins.

The stoneware floor made with Noisette has a very strong aesthetic impact.  A free interpretation of an Italian marble called Fior di bosco distinctive for its colour which varies from black to grey with warm shades, all of which enriched with small, light veins. Simple and elegant, it can be used in any setting. Noisette and the Amani slab have a corresponding 20 mm thick marble-effect version for exteriors for those that love continuity between their surfaces and want coordinated stoneware floors inside the house and externally.

Meanwhile, from the fusion of small and large fragments of different marbles comes the Bloom texture. The watercolour effect of these glossy marble-effect ceramic slabs softens their edges, likening them to petals. And the addition of little floral details in some parts gives the decor a completely original wallpaper effect.

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