Memory and passion to share the culture of "creating ceramic"

The Cino Mularoni Foundation was established in 1992 to commemorate and pass on the memory of Secondo Enzo Mularoni, a citizen of San Marino who emigrated to the United States and then returned home to take forward his business idea.


A precious heritage of craftsmanship and art

The Cino Mularoni Foundation is an organisation active in the San Marino area that promotes numerous initiatives linked to the theme of local artisan and artistic ceramics. Its main objective is the implementation of cultural and scientific events to encourage studies and research that contribute to the training of young academics and to support publishing initiatives, such as competitions, exhibitions and events.

A sense of sharing and belonging to the territory

The Cino Mularoni Foundation is based in San Marino, at Ceramica Faetano, in the now historic building of 1962. Its spaces are available for meetings, exhibitions, conferences and school visits, for those wishing to explore the subject of San Marino ceramics, the economic and cultural hub of the Republic of San Marino of the last century.


Narrating stories to give value to the future

Contents of the highest historical and cultural value are published by the Cino Mularoni Foundation through the FCM Editions, a fundamental bibliography that revolves around the theme of ceramics and the indissoluble link with the territory, to pass on a past knowledge, pride of an entire community, which become a source of inspiration for the new generations of tomorrow.

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