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Outdoor cleaning and maintenance

A lovely garden can only be enjoyed to the full in the summer months if not only the plants and lawns but also the outdoor paved areas containing the garden furniture are well cared for. Paving has to be kept clean even if there are no pets like dogs and cats running around the garden. In fact, if there is sufficient space outdoor areas are often used for getting together with friends, and for dinners, parties and barbecues. Once the cooking and eating are over the paving will often require in-depth cleaning.

Since it is exceptionally hard and immune to external agents, the due2 range of porcelain stoneware tiles can be cleaned with almost all detergents. However, a neutral detergent and a jet of water are always recommended.

For greater convenience and to prevent the formation of limescale as the water dries, a rubber brush should be passed over the surface to aid drainage.

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