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Innovation and technology at the service of the ceramic product

Thanks to constant research on the product, a sensitivity to trends and attention to the environment, the Del Conca Group is present on the global stage with strong technological investments and   marketing that allow it to compete with the major international players in the sector.


Competitiveness, research and production efficiency in a single Group

Constantly improving our competitiveness through investments in research and design thereby setting ourselves apart on the market; this is the mission that unites the structures of the Del Conca Group, consisting of  four brands, Ceramica del Conca, Ceramica Faetano, Pastorelli and Del Conca USA, four production plants, a commercial company Produco, and a foundation, Fondazione Cino Mularoni.

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Attention and sensitivity to the human factor

Human resources are our most important corporate asset, both in terms of technical know-how and commercial experience. Every day we choose to invest in updating and continuous training, to create a close-knit team of collaborators who share the values and the corporate philosophy. We value ethical qualities, a sense of responsibility and organisational skills. We value the territory, supporting the people who represent it with their work.


Constant dimensional growth to guarantee excellence

The strategy of commercial expansion sees the Del Conca Group increasingly engaged in specific marketing initiatives for individual markets. With the aim of increasing customer loyalty, we set up the Del Conca Logistics Centre  which, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, collects the materials of the various establishments in a single site, guaranteeing punctual and precise customer service, also overseas.

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Always responsible and supportive

The Del Conca Group has always been active in the social field also thanks to the Cino Mularoni Foundation, which aims to implement cultural and scientific events, encouraging studies and research, contributing to the training of young academics and to supporting various publishing initiatives.

The Del Conca Group uses human and economic resources to promote multiple philanthropic activities, obtaining concrete results in the humanitarian field with worldwide solidarity projects. Since the first project implemented in Indonesia in 2008, the importance of education and health as a basis for social and economic development of all the poorest countries in the world has been considered and, since then, the commitment has focus on this area with the construction of schools, family houses, water networks, health centres and hospital departments. Support was also provided to the populations greatly affected by the earthquake in Italy in 2012 and 2016. 

Social responsibility
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