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A contemporary reinterpretation of the floor and wall coverings of the past

With its own unique, distinctive style, Ceramica Faetano produces small-size cement and ceramic tiles with original design and strong emotional impact. Vintage colours and fresh shades for porcelain stoneware decors ideal for floor and wall coverings.


An artistic approach to ceramics since 1962

The guiding theme of the Faetano project is the reinterpretation of the artistic ceramic tradition. The art of hand-crafting, linked to the company’s origins, is renewed and moulded into a new concept of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles. Founded as a craft workshop in 1962, Faetano has expanded thanks to the entrepreneurial vision and immense human and artistic resources of its home area. Its manufacturing vocation, steeped in uniqueness, creativity, colour and distinctiveness, generates a constantly evolving catalogue with a wealth of solid colour and decorated tile collections with the perfect mix of present and past.    

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Unusual ceramic floor and wall tiles

Small and medium-size cement and ceramic tile collections rich in tradition and modernity, history and experimentation. Constantly responding to changing tastes, lifestyle trends and new technologies, Faetano offers unique porcelain stoneware projects with creative contamination at their core. The decorative inspiration of these cement and ceramic tiles derives from the creative reinterpretation of tradition, so their surface textures are modern and suitable for combination with all porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile collections.

Original Design
Unique Style

Contemporary interpretation of vintage tiles

Venetian terrazzo, bright, colourful brick tiles, vintage cement tiles, geometrical decors, floral tiles and brickwork tiles in dusty hues. With the strength of a culture rooted in San Marino’s long local tradition, Ceramica Faetano continues to produce porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles in a particularly original, independent style, with the contemporary re-exploration of exquisite hand-crafted pieces and a passion for “making ceramics” uninterrupted since 1962.  

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The history of Ceramica Faetano from 1962 to the present

Founded in 1962 in the territory of the Republic of San Marino, Ceramica Faetano was little more than an artisan laboratory for a few years in which employees applied the knowledge developed in the production of local artistic ceramics to the mass production of ceramic.

Forty years of ceramic

Stefania Leardini Mularoni, Republic of San Marino, 2002

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