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Stone, wood, cement, metal, cotto, material inspirations in harmony with the environment.
Discover the most suitable surface effect for your project.


The allure of marble surfaces combined with the resistance of porcelain stoneware

A complete floor and wall tile project which with extreme realism combines the luminous and voluptuous movements of the veins with the innovation of large-size tiles.

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Strength and beauty for a renewed design.

Instinctive elegance and high performance for a stoneware that offers realistic interpretations of natural stones through a contemporary and unique style.


The taste of natural essences marked by time.

Rich in details, veins and knots, wood-effect stoneware stands out with an authentic and enveloping look that enhances the preciousness of the original material.

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Style and technique for experimental and appealing solutions.

A popular constructive element in modernist architecture, cement returns to the stage through new ceramic proposals with a strong contemporary vocation.


A tribute to Bel Paese and to its iconic rural landscapes.

Natural surfaces with pastel tones cover both classic and contemporary environments with creativity, adding versatility and excellent performance to outdoor and indoor spaces.

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Porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles are known for their convenience as well as their environmental sustainability, but their more and more exquisite appearance is often the main reason for choosing them. The technological innovations adopted by Ceramica del Conca have enabled the production of ceramic tiles with all natural effects, overcoming the limitations implied by the use of the equivalent natural materials. From wood to metal, marble to terracotta, and stone to decors and wallpaper effects.

The wish to create a link with the surrounding natural world is one of the main themes in interior design today, and has also influenced the creation of the new porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile collections.

The wood-effect collections include both neutral textures and also unusual colours such as the honey and taupe shades. Ceramic plank tiles can also be installed with the addition of glamorous details such as decors in a different wood look, or even in stone effect in both contrasting and tone-on-tone shades, for a particularly sophisticated design scheme.

The floor is the finish with the greatest impact on the style of the room, so to enjoy freedom in the choice of furniture, the decision to use concrete-effect tiles can provide a basis on which you can design your interior exactly as you wish. The concrete floors of old disused factories now undergoing high-class renovation have inspired architects all over the world. Today, thanks to the option of using tiles, the same strikingly simple look can also be created in new construction projects. What’s more, the concrete effect can be easily integrated with metal-effect floor and wall tiles for a very trendy industrial chic mood.

The terracotta effect, considered too “countrified” until just a few years ago, is now the centre of attention once more, generally in lighter, more contemporary colours. On the other hand, the ultra-glossy marble effect has maintained its connotation as a luxury floor covering, although this look is much tougher and more practical when created in porcelain stoneware.

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