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A trendy design with high performance.

Floor and wall fixtures coordinate with fully covered furnishings, guaranteeing an original and trendy aesthetic result. The surfaces ensure high technical performance.  

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Dalla tecnica di costruzione delle terre crude nasce la collezione di pavimenti e rivestimenti BIOTERRE.
Hyper-realistic, three-dimensional interpretation of exquisite marbles for interior design
Primitive slate in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles of evocative beauty.
Marble-effect floor and wall tiles which evoke past locations and tell precious stories
Fashion, flowers and the textures of ancient walls, all in a stoneware decor tile collection
A fine breccia, entrenched with primitive elements, suitable for decorating floors and walls
Wood-effect planks, available in warm and natural colours for a timeless look.
All the energy and beauty of Luserna stone.
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.
The cement material becomes industrial chic.
Exotic suggestions for wood-effect surfaces that set trends.
Mixtures of small and large pebbles for a "Ceppo di Grè" that is transversal to each style.
A sophisticated and understated stone to be lived in freedom.
Beauty and visual continuity of veins run through intimate and harmonious environments.
The warmth of wood in its natural and enveloping essence.
In the silence of the stone, in the deepest essence, that covers everything.

Ceramic and stoneware ideas and solutions for the Bathroom

Once known as “mattonelle”, they were small and colourful and made of ceramic or porcelain; they then became “piastrelle”, tiles, somewhat larger and increasingly made of porcelain stoneware. Today we refer to “lastre ceramiche”, ceramic slabs, but whether they are small or large no longer matters; a crossover between different sizes and colours is the order of the day now that wall and floor coverings have become a central aspect of home design and are also used more frequently for bathroom cladding.

The modern bathroom concept has evolved into a wellness room, where atmosphere and cosiness play a key role.

Now the bathroom resembles a small spa, a look that can be accentuated by light or dark wood-effect stoneware tiles with subtle veining and a modern, metropolitan style or more timeworn appearance, evoking the cosy feel of a mountain spa.

Bathroom furniture plays a key role, but which porcelain stoneware tiles should you choose? A solution that coordinates washbasins, furniture and showers with floor and wall coverings made with the same tiles is requested on a daily basis. Examples and ideas are increasingly sought in social media, which offers images of modern bathrooms, with or without bathtubs, highly luxurious bathrooms or bathrooms with practical showers.

Aesthetically, porcelain stoneware has undergone a striking revolution in recent years and Del Conca, through the use of increasingly advanced technologies, has succeeded in achieving effects inspired by natural materials such as stone, wood and marble that are increasingly realistic and in some cases even difficult to distinguish. Wood-effect porcelain stoneware floors, for example, can also be very easily installed in the bathroom because they have all the advantages of a stoneware floor and the aesthetic appeal of a wooden parquet floor. Warm and comfortable, yet practical and washable with a simple floor cleaner. Stoneware also withstands very high temperatures, so there is no risk from hot hairdryers or hair straighteners. It withstands aggressive cleaners such as nail polish remover and is extremely hygienic.

Cleaning these tiles is very easy and does not need special care as is the case with other materials, e.g. marble or wood. Stoneware also has the great advantage of being very impact resistant and there is no risk of scratches if objects are dropped or bathroom furniture is moved.

Ceramica del Conca and Ceramica Faetano have an unlimited choice to work with to find ideas and design a bathroom that truly stands out. They range from the natural style of stone- or wood-effect floors to the dramatic look of Shine marble, as well as tiles decorated with the irreverent style of Art Collections and the trendiest colour schemes.

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