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Functional and creative environments with a refined aesthetic sense.

The space of the house that requires imagination and creativity, but at the same time practicality and resistance, is satisfied by the Del Conca stain-resistant, non-slip and easy to clean materials, to ensure maximum resistance and durability.

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Hyper-realistic, three-dimensional interpretation of exquisite marbles for interior design
Primitive slate in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles of evocative beauty.
Marble-effect floor and wall tiles which evoke past locations and tell precious stories
Fashion, flowers and the textures of ancient walls, all in a stoneware decor tile collection
A fine breccia, entrenched with primitive elements, suitable for decorating floors and walls
All the energy and beauty of Luserna stone.
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.
The cement material becomes industrial chic.
Exotic suggestions for wood-effect surfaces that set trends.
Mixtures of small and large pebbles for a "Ceppo di Grè" that is transversal to each style.
The charm and warmth of great country residences, to take to the city.
In the silence of the stone, in the deepest essence, that covers everything.
Wooden tables that time has cherished, protagonists of a new modernity.

Ceramic and stoneware ideas and solutions for the kitchen

From a domestic hearth that is clearly separated from the rest of the house to the star role within the open space. The design of the kitchen and its flooring in homes all over the world has changed.

A new concept of socialising has emerged, a new way of looking at living spaces that encompasses porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for a modern kitchen. While white or coloured tiles, and porcelain stoneware in general, were once used principally for floor and wall coverings, the same materials are now also used to clad furniture, furnishing accessories, tables, tops and sideboards in the kitchen and dining room.

Covering kitchen cabinets with stoneware tiles has the added advantage of creating rooms where there is a seamless colour transition between the floor and the cabinets. If a floor has a marble effect, a table can also be made with an identical marble effect. If a black-clad kitchen has been chosen, the black top can also be made with the same cladding.

Over time, the practical requirements of buying a kitchen have not changed. The search for a resistant porcelain stoneware kitchen top, whether black, white or coloured with the trendiest shades, and the need for easily cleanable tiles that act as splash guards on the walls are still an essential part of the choice. All these applications are possible thanks to the unmistakable characteristics of porcelain stoneware, which proves to be the best material to install when designing a home and even more so a kitchen where there is a great need for cleanliness and hygiene.

There is a very large choice of kitchen tiles in the Del Conca and Faetano product catalogue and installing the right tile is important to achieve the style you want for your home.

If you are enamoured with traditional style, you can choose small decorated tiles, the classic London or Sorrentina cement tiles, or the Vignoni terracotta effect typical of Tuscan farmhouses, but restyled in a large size with a modern twist. For a young kitchen suitable for hosting parties with friends, you can opt for coloured stoneware wall tiles, Frammenti or Espressione, perhaps coordinating them with a neutral-coloured or white concrete-effect floor.

One very trendy option is minimalist style with slightly shaded stone-effect coordinated floor and wall coverings, Lavaredo, or loft-style concrete, Timeline. The popularity of wood-effect tiles shows no signs of waning and it has proved to be the ideal choice for creating a warm and cosy kitchen where the nature element plays a key role.

If the goal is not to be forgotten, you cannot fail to be captivated by Art Collections. Valentina, Felix the Cat, Lupin the Third and Milo Manara installed in the kitchen will certainly catch the attention of the most distracted guest.

The marble effect, Boutique, is the current inspiration, partly thanks to the sheen of the slabs, which gives the kitchen and the whole house the allure of an impressive, elegant home where designer objects are reflected on the floors and nothing is left to chance.

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