The avant-garde spirit of modernity.

Deep shades, inspired by the iconic materials of modern architecture, such as concrete and metal, are chosen to pursue a strong and decisive aesthetic.


All the energy and beauty of Luserna stone.
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.
The metal effect blends into the material texture of the cement.
Neutral and material shades, for a language that is transversal to each style.
A sophisticated and understated stone to be lived in freedom.
Essences in large format with a classic taste define warm and natural atmospheres.
Post-industrial atmospheres transform the living space, enriching it with imaginative decorations.
In the silence of the stone, in the deepest essence, that covers everything.
The magic of the wildest nature emphasises environments where everything is in motion.


Drive-over surfaces for residential and urban spaces
Exterior design discovers the beauty of stone.
Strong and resistant, natural like an expanding rock.
Maximum variability in installation thanks to a modern 80x80 format with metropolitan tones.
Shades of grey to cover the outdoor with refinement.
A texture rich in veins, layers of material, in a large format double thickness.
Tradition and classicism in wood-effect surfaces ideal for outdoor use.
An outdoor stone with irregular edges that renews tradition.
Changeable veins pass through outdoor spaces of admirable beauty.
The strength of the stone encapsulated in the one double thickness format for contemporary exteriors.
The charm of a compact and monolithic stone, to be lived outdoors.
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