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Small and large together.
Select the ideal size to cover your surfaces.

Large sizes

Extend planning with continuous laying.

A wide range of solutions designed to migrate from walls to floors and beyond, for a total look of high visual impact.

Porcelain Stoneware Sizes prodotti_delconca_B12 - Ceramica del Conca

Medium sizes

Compositional modularity for versatile spaces.

A wide range of sizes to reveal the uniformity of the stoneware or to accentuate the shading.

Small sizes

A design perfected down to the smallest detail.

Small geometric patterns draw highly decorative surfaces.

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When designing a new interior the choice of the size of the tiles to be used is one of the first factors to be assessed, bearing in mind the space available. The tile size may be small, medium, large or extra large and the choice made will greatly influence both the style of the interior and its apparent size.

It is therefore important to have a clear conception of the entire project, because the end result may change a great deal. A large interior will seem even larger if large tiles in 120x120 cm size are installed. Rectified porcelain stoneware tiles can be installed with just a few, very narrow joints. The result will be a continuous resin-effect surface.

The choice of a small, cement-tile effect size of 20x20 cm is perfect for covering walls and may also be an attractive option for floors that aim to evoke the traditional home and bygone days. Small-size tiles can also resemble traditional bricks, although they are becoming more and more glossy and colourful. This is a choice which gives a touch of glamour to any interior.

In addition, mix-and-match assortments of large and small stoneware tiles are becoming more and more popular for providing visual differentiation between areas of the home, avoiding the need for walls or partitions.

As well as the conventional square or rectangular sizes, there are also extra-large tiles of 120x260 cm. Large-size ceramic slabs are ideal for covering walls and creating alcoves or panels with high interior design impact, especially if the slabs are decorated and colourful. The room’s mood will be very sophisticated, and it is sure to catch the eye.

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