A tribute to Bel Paese and to its iconic rural landscapes.

Natural surfaces with pastel tones cover both classic and contemporary environments with creativity, adding versatility and excellent performance to outdoor and indoor spaces.


The charm and warmth of great country residences, to take to the city.
Variability of formats and a multitude of decorations with a timeless rustic feel.
Versatility of solutions that recall history.


Surfaces with a timeless effect to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.


The region of Tuscany is the envy of the whole world, and it has created a real ideal of beauty with the architectures of old farmhouses standing on hilltops, which blend attractively into the landscape in scenes that seem to belong to another age.

This rustic yet elegant style underlies our antique cotto-look stoneware. In fact, farmhouses in Tuscany and in many other settings are often renovated in a way which retains all their old-fashioned charm, in both materials and furnishings. Light-coloured cotto-look floor tiles, for example, are also very popular in new homes designed to blend into a rural setting.

The Ceramica del Conca collection of cotto-look tiles is Vignoni. Its surfaces, sizes, relief patterning and extremely high-definition details make Vignoni a timeless product, suitable for any indoor or outdoor use. Produced in a large number of sizes and decors, it re-creates the magical aura of cotto in a new-generation porcelain stoneware in the large 80x80 cm size. There are three colours: Noce, Cotto, Bianco.‎ With these non-uniform tiles, with their high degree of shade variation, enhanced with oxidation effects and irregular streaks, the warm rural style can also embrace homes in town.‎ This cotto-look porcelain stoneware collection is suitable for all locations, from living-room to kitchen and from bathroom to bedroom.‎ The tiles’ slightly used appearance creates a comfortable, homely mood, an ideal relaxing backdrop to daily life.

The Castiglione decor is the perfect completion of the Vignoni collection of cotto-look floor tiles and emphasises its characteristics by adding the colour of the antique cement tiles often combined with cotto in old farmhouses. However, here again, the reinterpretation is in contemporary style, and the size is the large 80x80 cm.

Of the various colours available, the traditional pinkish cotto-look stoneware or bright red are definitely the best known and most popular, in Italy and abroad. In fact, the Tuscan style is famed for its elegance and refinement right around the world.

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