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Style and technique for experimental and appealing solutions.

A popular constructive element in modernist architecture, cement returns to the stage through new ceramic proposals with a strong contemporary vocation.

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Fashion, flowers and the textures of ancient walls, all in a stoneware decor tile collection
The cement material becomes industrial chic.


Cement textures rich in details create timeless spaces.


The floor and wall coverings, combined with the other finishes used, play a vital role in defining the style of an interior. One of the most successful trends of recent years is the industrial style, which first appeared in the big cities in the ‘80s and has now spread through home design worldwide.

Refurbishing your home so you can imagine you are living in a renovated old factory is really easy. The important thing is to choose suitable materials and create effects with the right combinations. In this case, a concrete effect floor, bare brick walls, large windows and a few vintage details make all the difference. 

Ceramica del Conca’s Timeline modern concrete effect floor covering is the ideal solution for achieving this result, reinterpreted and softened with a less harsh aesthetic if wished and able to create even more comfortable, cheerful moods thanks to the latest colours. The shades already available - Grey, White, Greige and Taupe concrete effect - are now joined by new colour variants: the warm Canyon, midway between clay and powder pink; the powerful Sun, which celebrates the flowers and sunlight; and Nightfall, the colour of the sky at dusk, more restrained, for tasteful, thoughtful spaces.

The new colours are the outcome of a continual dialogue between architecture and matter, which has transformed the austerity of concrete effect ceramic floorings into a dynamic, versatile metropolitan style, where the decors, in partnership with colour, create solutions perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor domestic locations, paths and terraces.

This collection of concrete effect tiles embraces a variety of sizes, from the smallest 30x60 cm to large slabs of 120x260 cm, for a visually striking, thrilling result and also to fully express the urban flavour of these trowelled concrete effect stoneware tiles, which tend to provide the joint-free, continuous surfaces typical of concrete itself.

Timeline is also offered in extra-thick 20 mm version for outdoor use, the perfect solution for designing paths and creating a continuum between indoor and outdoor concrete effect floors and pavings.

When it comes to porcelain stoneware, apart from the familiar light-coloured ceramic effect floor, very effective features can be created with “cementine”, or “cement tiles”, the granulated marble tiles of various sizes widely used in Twenties homes. In this case, the style evoked is that of the offices of old manufacturing plants.

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