Metallic reflections for an authentic and high-tech look.

A strong and avant-garde character makes metal-effect stoneware the best choice for architectural and interior design projects with a metropolitan slant.


Post-modern industrial moods can be achieved with floors in both concrete-look stoneware and metal-look tiles. The glints and reflected light effects generated by metal-look material are ideal for any modern interior furnished in elegant, simple, uncluttered style. From kitchen to bedroom floors, by way of the lounge right through to the bathroom: metal-look tiles can be used in any room of the home.

Thanks to digital printing, metal-look tiles are very realistic, with a tactile appeal.  With striking visual impact, they sometimes even reproduce studs and nails. Ceramica del Conca offers its own vision of metal, featuring attractive shade variations and sophisticated decors, in the Alchimia floor and wall tile collection.  Intentionally time-worn in appearance but actually immune to wear, with its large size and virtual absence of joints, Alchimia re-creates the fascinating mood of old disused factory buildings.

This distinctively industrial character and the melancholic beauty of abandoned buildings is a trend with great potential for the floors both of homes and of retail locations. The four colour variants, together with the assortment of sizes ranging from the largest 120x120 to the smallest 40x80, facilitate the use of this metal-look stoneware floor and wall tile collection not only as a floor covering but also on portions of walls that play a key role in creating the design scheme.

The colours of metal-look tiles evoke those of the various metals themselves: bronze, silver, platinum and gold. The glinting metallic reflections that give the surfaces sparkle and vibrancy are most noticeable on the darker shades such as Moka or Nero.

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