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Del Conca

We design surfaces to bring your dreams to life, to accompany an ever more aware and tailored emotional mode of living, where quality, experience and technology come together to create new forms of shared beauty.


Our Vision

Projects for a different mode of living

The aesthetic and technological innovation of Del Conca's ceramic surfaces offers the possibility of creating custom-made spaces according to a shared aesthetic that aims to stand out. Ceramica del Conca S.p.a. was founded in 1979, based on experience in the construction sector in Italy and abroad. At the time, it was new to the world of ceramic tiles but had a great interest in technological development and design and was aligned with growing market expectations. It was one of the first companies in the ceramic tile industry to believe in glazed single-fired white body stoneware, and at times of general technical uncertainty, it was also one of the first to adopt the porcelain stoneware technology, making brave and valid production choices. Following major investments in recent years, the company can now satisfy all the aesthetic, quality and design requirements with its modern product lines.

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Advanced design for evolving tiling

Sensitivity to change and developing technology leads us to constantly hone our research, exploring new standards in design aesthetics and performance to get the most out of the specific features offered by ceramics.

A sophisticated mix of wood, stone, marble, concrete, cotto and metal surfaces, available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, forge a stylish mood board  to inspire continuously evolving ceramic solutions, based on a constant study of trends and of everyday living. Research and experimentation, an indissoluble combination that reveals a dynamic and always innovative design vision.


Resourcefulness and an international spirit

Attention, sensitivity, and intelligence allow us to remain faithful to the art of ceramic tile-making, as we work with care to craft products and services with the utmost quality.

An open vision on the evolution of contemporary design allows the development of superior quality ceramic surfaces, authoritative testimony of a Made in Italy culture. An innovative production system, with specific systems for the different product lines, allows the creation of porcelain stoneware with very high-definition graphics, resistant to wear, to chemical agents and easy to clean, also suitable for environments exposed to extreme external stresses.

Porcelain Stoneware Del Conca Chi_Siamo_Qualita_1800x900 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Del Conca Chi_Siamo_Sostenibilita_1920x960 - Ceramica del Conca

A future-oriented look

Respect for the environment, for natural resources and the containment of energy consumption has always been a goal that Ceramica del Conca pursues with constancy and attention, to provide its customers with a product with high aesthetic and technical characteristics, implemented according to the most demanding criteria of sustainability.

The environmental policy of Ceramica del Conca is implemented through information provided to its employees and suppliers on the issues of ecology and energy saving. The complete internal re-use of the industrial water produced during its own and through third-party processing cycle, the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in line with that required by the Kyoto Protocol, recovery of all unfired production waste in the production cycle and differentiated waste management are the main elements that underpin a philosophy that is attentive to the environment and to personal well-being.

technological innovation

Innovation and international spirit

Great attention, sensitivity and intelligence are necessary to remain faithful to the vocation of “making” ceramic tiles in the best possible way. The awareness of a historical and artistic heritage, from which to constantly draw inspiration, an open and active vision of the evolution of the contemporary world, associated with creativity and originality, are the driving force behind the evelopment of superior quality ceramic surfaces, that truly represent high quality Italian design culture. An innovative production system is used to create porcelain stoneware with very high-definition graphics, which is resistant to wear and chemical agents and is easy to clean; it is also suitable for spaces exposed to strong external stress.

Porcelain Stoneware Del Conca Chi_Siamo_Innovazione_1920x960 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Del Conca Chi_Siamo_Risorse_Umane_1800x900 - Ceramica del Conca

Together to give life to great projects

Enthusiasm, energy and commitment are the underlying characteristics shared by the team of young and dynamic people that are the beating heart of Ceramica del Conca. The creation of a close-knit working group, which believes in the company’s values and desire for continuous renewal, is an important resource; this great resource must be nurtured with great care and attention. The ethical qualities, sense of responsibility and professional skills of each member of the team must be enhanced through refresher and training courses. In this way, through the experience and knowhow acquired together with trusted partners and experienced collaborators, the cultural, technological and aesthetic content of the products and services is transformed into something unique, capable of generating and implementing ideas that are always different and innovative.

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