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Outdoor tiles

The Del Conca range of porcelain stoneware outdoor tiles, in normal thickness of 8.5 mm and in the 20 mm and 30 mm extra-thick versions, enables the construction of paved surfaces to meet all needs.

The 8.5 mm version, installed by the traditional method with adhesive and grout, is suitable for driveways and paths with a high anti-slip resistance coefficient.
The due2 range is perfect for installation as a raised paving or dry on gravel, sand or grass.
What’s more, the countless graphic designs and effects mean no compromise is necessary on projects’ aesthetic values, which in all cases are outstanding and attuned to the natural surroundings.
Thanks to their even greater thickness of 30 mm, products in the tre3 range have exceptionally high technical characteristics, making them vehicle-resistant even if installed without adhesive.
When glued in place, products 3 cm thick are able to withstand even urban traffic.

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