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Porcelain Stoneware Collections HTL2_01 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections HTL2_02 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections HLA2_205-HMN2_201 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections HLA2_Colore_Beige_01 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections Del%20Conca_Nabi_05_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections Del%20Conca_Nabi_05_Outdoor_Particolare_A - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections Del%20Conca_Wild_Amber_04_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections Del%20Conca_Wild_Oyster_02_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Collections Del%20Conca_Wild_Oyster_02_Outdoor_Particolare_A - Ceramica del Conca


A primitive breccia for wild, authentic outdoor spaces
Wood-effect plank tiles for outdoor locations in natural settings, with a friendly "feel"
Exterior design discovers the beauty of stone.
Cement textures rich in details create timeless spaces.
Shades of grey to cover the outdoor with refinement.
Wooden surfaces with a decisive look, for outdoor spaces without limits.
An outdoor stone with irregular edges that renews tradition.
Surfaces with a timeless effect to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.
Contrasting shades construct outdoor spaces with the true essence of stone.
Contrasting streaks in shades of white, with a lived aesthetic.
The strength of the stone encapsulated in the one double thickness format for contemporary exteriors.
Soft shades with calm nuances create patterns of installation in motion.
The charm of a compact and monolithic stone, to be lived outdoors.

Natural and design textures, strength, an environmentally sustainable production process and Italian styling and manufacture: all combined in the Ceramica del Conca porcelain stoneware collections. Elegant and original, every collection is offered with unusual colours and combinations, giving us fresh, exciting options for covering the spaces we use every day.

Every tile is an exquisite reinterpretation of the trendiest natural surfaces. Luxurious marble stars in Premiere and Boutique; evocative stone is the focus of Nesting, Stone Edition, Wild, Lavaredo, Stelvio, Gardena, Climb, Nat and Rockstar; Timeline offers the trendiest concrete; the timeless warmth of wood is to the fore in Nabi, Burma, St. Regis, Foreste d’Italia and Monteverde; and Alchimia provides a contemporary metal look.

For floors the collections include an array of finishes inspired by the earthy colours of nature, expressing a mood of harmony and peace. For wall tiles, the individual collections offer a wide choice of small and large sizes and the wallpaper effect, all in porcelain stoneware. From geometrical to floral motifs and from the jungle theme to glossy brickwork patterns, bright and colourful for young, trendy interior designs.

Large and small sizes, maxi-slabs and extra-thick tiles, matt colours and glossy surfaces: all the porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile collections in this section are produced in a wide assortment of colours, including contrasting shades that help to define the unique character of a brand dedicated to research and innovation. 

The stylistic solutions offered in the various floor and wall tile collections play a vital role in the success of the entire project.

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