Porcelain Stoneware Commercial Del%20Conca_Wild_Grey_07_Living_CloseUp_01_1920x960 - Ceramica del Conca


Stoneware that meets the needs of contemporary architecture.

Specific solutions with which to personalise public spaces and commercial activities, thanks to a wide choice of colours, effects, sizes and thicknesses, and the possibility of choosing collections that can be coordinated between indoor and outdoor.

Porcelain Stoneware Commercial HTL_16 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Commercial Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_02 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Commercial Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_03 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Commercial Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_04 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Commercial Del%20Conca_Premiere_02_Onice_Azzurro_05 - Ceramica del Conca


Primitive slate in porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles of evocative beauty.
Marble-effect floor and wall tiles which evoke past locations and tell precious stories
Fashion, flowers and the textures of ancient walls, all in a stoneware decor tile collection
A fine breccia, entrenched with primitive elements, suitable for decorating floors and walls
All the energy and beauty of Luserna stone.
Brightness and deepness of colours in prestigious surfaces with marble look.
The cement material becomes industrial chic.
Mixtures of small and large pebbles for a "Ceppo di Grè" that is transversal to each style.
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