Dining room

Spaces to live in and share

Convivial places to be personalised with creativity, mixing different surfaces and effects, to suggest an innovative décor with a contemporary style.

Neutral and material shades, for a language that is transversal to each style.
The metal effect blends into the material texture of the cement.
Mixtures of small and large pebbles for a "Ceppo di Grè" that is transversal to each style.
The charm and warmth of great country residences, to take to the city.
The magic of the wildest nature emphasises environments where everything is in motion.
An interpretation of the stone effect in its warmest shades to light up spaces with compositional freedom.
Shades and metallic colours with a novel beauty.
Wooden tables that time has cherished, protagonists of a new modernity.
Essences in large format with a classic taste define warm and natural atmospheres.
Continuous wood-effect surfaces with tactile materiality.
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