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The question of the best interior floor and wall coverings to use when approaching the bedroom topic is very delicate. The bedroom is mainly used at night and must allow the mind and body to regenerate.

First of all, you need to know what kind of atmosphere you want to create because, whatever it is, it cannot be achieved by the furniture elements alone, but by combining them with a stoneware wall covering, with the colour of the floor tiles, with lighting, and with the presence or absence of a walk-in wardrobe or bathroom within the bedroom.

The most inviting and intimate place in a home must therefore be designed as a whole, taking into account the room’s central element, the bed, and therefore the wall covering that will serve as the bed’s headboard. Visually, this is what is immediately noticed, setting the scene for the bed. There are several ways to make the wall unique. The most common is to choose a stoneware tile covering that differs from the one used for the other walls.

Sometimes it is enough to use a different tile colour or opt for a different effect such as wood effect or stone effect. The solutions with decorated tiles from the Art Collection series and in particular the vintage Felix the Cat collection are truly impressive.

An even more impressive solution is boiserie with a natural or coloured wood effect that is lower than the height of the room. In this case, wood-effect tiles from the Burma or St. Regis collections can be used.

Since the bedroom is the place where you want to relax, it is best to avoid any kind of bright colour, opting instead for neutral tones such as various shades of white, grey or beige.

If the bedroom is large enough, you can opt for a bed in the middle of the room. In this case, the wall at the head becomes secondary and you can concentrate on the room’s interior floors. The industrial chic style of large lofts and old abandoned factories is definitely one of the latest trends and to recreate it you can choose modern large-size concrete or stone-effect flooring. The Alchimia and Timeline tile collections feature the right colours to achieve a very striking retro atmosphere

Whether the room has an industrial, classic or modern feel, the choices of interior flooring, stoneware wall tiles and furniture must be in harmony and consistent with each other.

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