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Beauty and visual continuity of veins run through intimate and harmonious environments.

Porcelain Stoneware St. Regis SR_01 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware St. Regis SR_02 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware St. Regis SR_03 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware St. Regis SR_04 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware St. Regis SR_Colore_Bianco_Copertina - Ceramica del Conca
This collection of porcelain stoneware tiles is characterised by its use of the wooden board format. Long, narrow and elegant, they are the perfect showcase for the collection’s wooden chestnut effect. They have a slightly off-colour warm texture, which lends a reassuring feeling of harmony to any room. Along with its 2 sizes, St. Regis has a palette of four natural colours and the “Bora Bora” decor, digitally printed in the 20x120 cm size. The porcelain stoneware makes it possible to create a parquet effect even in damp settings like the kitchen and bathroom. The tiles are water-repellent, highly resistant to wear, and scratchproof.
  • SR
  • Glazed porcelain stoneware
    Gruppo Bla UNI EN 14411_G

  • v-shade - Ceramica del Conca


  • spessore - Ceramica del Conca

    8,5 mm

  • resistant - Ceramica del Conca

    UNI EN ISO 10545.12:


  • chemicals - Ceramica del Conca

    UNI EN ISO 10545.13: GA

    UNI EN ISO 10545.14: 5

  • grip - Ceramica del Conca

    DIN 51130: R9

    DIN 51097: B

    ANSI A 137.1 (DCOF): ≥0,42

    BCRA: >0,40

Sizes 20x120 - Ceramica Del Conca
20x120  .  8"x48"
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