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The taste of natural essences marked by time.

Rich in details, veins and knots, wood-effect stoneware stands out with an authentic and enveloping look that enhances the preciousness of the original material.

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Exotic suggestions for wood-effect surfaces that set trends.
Beauty and visual continuity of veins run through intimate and harmonious environments.
Essences in large format with a classic taste define warm and natural atmospheres.
The warmth of wood in its natural and enveloping essence.
Wooden tables that time has cherished, protagonists of a new modernity.
A faithful interpretation of the finest wood to enhance the tactile veining of surfaces.


Drive-over surfaces for residential and urban spaces
Wooden surfaces with a decisive look, for outdoor spaces without limits.
Tradition and classicism in wood-effect surfaces ideal for outdoor use.
Contrasting streaks in shades of white, with a lived aesthetic.

With the exception of particularly audacious interior design choices, natural colours, from beige to turtledove, tend to be preferred for domestic floors, creating neutral environments that are easy to match with furniture and other details.

In this regard, wood-effect tiles, whether honey-coloured or grey, are a limitless source of inspiration: textures and shades inspired by the most fashionable woods, from oak to doussie, which successfully combine the warmth and homeliness of natural parquet with the functional resistance of ceramic.

Practically indestructible, wood-effect porcelain stoneware is very versatile also in humid environments like the bathroom and kitchen. Over the years its characteristic veins and increasingly larger tile sizes have made it more and more similar to the original material, wood. Thanks to next-generation technologies, the tiles are increasingly adept at faithfully reproducing all of the finishes of the wood, from the simplest woods in the FORESTE D’ITALIA collection of floors and wall tiles through to those with the typical visible knots of traditional parquet in the ORTO BOTANICO stoneware collection.

The BURMA series, meanwhile, is inspired by the Teak boards found in an historic French home. As suggested by the name, the wood originates from the former Burma. The fibre pattern can alternate from “straight” to “wavy” and presents knots that make this stoneware floor aesthetically perfect for both indoor and outdoor floors. The reference colour is mahogany, a reddish shade which is currently very fashionable and perfect for adding a touch of sophistication, even exoticism, to the space.

The ST. REGIS collection of wood-effect tiles is designed to conserve and exalt all the beauty and visual continuity of chestnut veins. The graphics of this rectified wood-effect stoneware, with its slight variation in tones, generate a sensation of great intimacy and harmony. This collection combines the naturalness of the 180 cm and 120 cm-long boards, which showcase the qualities of the wood, with the most sophisticated production technology.

The rectified wood-effect solutions of the VIGNONI WOOD collection can be laid in a herringbone or staggered brick wall pattern. Their natural colours pair well with the coffered decors of the cotto version, perfectly echoing their tone and graphics.

One of the biggest advantages of modern wood-effect floors is their durability. Cleaning these tiles is very simple, any porcelain stoneware detergent will suffice.

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