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Born to be outdoors

Due2 is the 20 mm thick porcelain stoneware by Del Conca, the right solution for any type of outdoor flooring. Due2 is hard-wearing, anti-slip, weather resistant and capable of withstanding heavy loads without compromising aesthetics.

Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor HTL2_01 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor HTL2_02 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor HLA2_205-HMN2_201 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor HLA2_Colore_Beige_01 - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor Del%20Conca_Nabi_05_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor Del%20Conca_Nabi_05_Outdoor_Particolare_A - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor Del%20Conca_Wild_Amber_04_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor Del%20Conca_Wild_Oyster_02_Outdoor - Ceramica del Conca
Porcelain Stoneware Outdoor Del%20Conca_Wild_Oyster_02_Outdoor_Particolare_A - Ceramica del Conca


A primitive breccia for wild, authentic outdoor spaces
Wood-effect plank tiles for outdoor locations in natural settings, with a friendly "feel"
Exterior design discovers the beauty of stone.
Cement textures rich in details create timeless spaces.
Shades of grey to cover the outdoor with refinement.
A texture rich in veins, layers of material, in a large format double thickness.
Wooden surfaces with a decisive look, for outdoor spaces without limits.
An outdoor stone with irregular edges that renews tradition.
Surfaces with a timeless effect to create continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.
Contrasting shades construct outdoor spaces with the true essence of stone.
Contrasting streaks in shades of white, with a lived aesthetic.
The strength of the stone encapsulated in the one double thickness format for contemporary exteriors.
Soft shades with calm nuances create patterns of installation in motion.
The charm of a compact and monolithic stone, to be lived outdoors.
Drive-over surfaces for residential and urban spaces


A hectic, rather widespread lifestyle had convinced everyone that we could live without a space in the home considered that was considered vital by older generations: the balcony, terrace and garden. In short, any outdoor space.

Today, this space is highly sought after in the housing market and has become central in the design of homes. Not only for the necessary creation of driveways with driveable paving to reach the garage, but also to create paved, walkable and well-equipped outdoor spaces to enjoy with family and friends. In this case, choosing the best outdoor stoneware tiles is crucial, not only for aesthetic reasons.

One thing is certain: whether it is small stoneware garden tiles for covering boundary walls or concrete-effect slabs for installing on grass, you should not let yourself be lured by a low price or offer at the expense of quality.

For Ceramica del Conca, outdoor areas can be paved with: one of the many stoneware tile collections with a standard thickness and an anti-slip grip surface; with Futura, the 30 mm-thick paving collection particularly suitable for driveways; or with the due2 series.

due2 is a complete range of 20 mm-thick tiles, steps and furnishing accessories to meet all design requirements for private and public outdoor spaces. From footpaths to terraces and swimming pools. Thanks to a controlled production process, this material guarantees unrivalled technical performance: high resistance to wear, mechanical action and weathering. In addition, a wide range of effects and sizes allows these tiles to seamlessly blend into landscapes and gardens at all latitudes.

The same tiles can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of courtyards or for the flooring of balconies, terraces or loggias. In the case of outdoor staircases, the same tile collection can be used in the interior of the house so as to achieve a very refined coordinated indoor/outdoor look.

Wood-effect tiles are among the most popular. Paving for poolsides or pedestrian pathways are now chosen by the most renowned architects and used for large urban spaces, replacing the very unattractive old 50x50 outdoor concrete slabs or tiles.

These anti-slip and frost-resistant garden floors can also be installed dry on grass, sand and gravel. Or raised on special supports. The latter is the most suitable solution for paving a terrace and concealing pipes or electrical installations, or for making a non-level roof terrace habitable.

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