Happy 100th Birthday, Felix the Cat!

Created by Otto Messmer and Joe Oriolo, a team of talented designers, FELIX THE CAT made his on screen debut in 1919.  As the first cartoon in the history of cinema to be animated, Felix is considered a true pop icon of international fame. Happy, sullen, thoughtful, ironic and light-hearted, #FELIX THE CAT comes to life with FAETANO illustrations in an irreverent and contagious way- some of the many reasons we love Felix after 100 years! The ceramic tile collection consists of two decorations: #THE CAT IS BACK, conquers his signature looks with a contemporary pop-inspired flair. In this tribute, Felix’s personality comes to life as he hides and reappears in the next illustration more mischievous than ever. This rendition of Felix would not be complete without his iconic magic bag that shows off how he ingeniously pulls off all of his adventures and makes his trademark appearance. Don’t forget the classic wide range of emotions and expressions as he speaks, thinks, sings, laughs and whistles with such enthusiasm and charisma. The second vintage tribute entitled #REMEMBER FELIX, where every piece tells a story and captures the nostalgic charm that has conquered Felix’s audience for a century as a protagonist. Each image reminds us of his ingenuity and do-it-yourself resourcefulness that has inspired generations of fans by making him a lovable anti-hero icon.

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