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Bold, three-dimensional effects and colour schemes with soft, flowing shapes for floors and walls

Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_te_brick_perla_sagome_bagno_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_te_brick_perla_sagome_bagno_02 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_combinazioni_dining_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_forme_cucina_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_te_brick - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_soia_brick_cucina_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_soia_brick_sottobosco_tracce_cucina_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_soia_brick_tracce_cucina_01 - Ceramica Faetano
Porcelain Stoneware Manufatti faetano_manufatti_terra_brick_caffetteria_01 - Ceramica Faetano
The new Manufatti floor and wall tile collection is the result of experimentation with ‘deep glazes’ used to create unusual and varied designs and shapes, tone-on-tone three-dimensional effects suitable for decorating any space.
The porcelain stoneware tile collection includes 7 versions in the characteristic 7.5x40 cm brick size – Calce, Soia, Terra, Cemento, Amla, Artico and Tè – in a rich colour palette to create impactful, yet cosy, comfortable spaces.
The classic brick is joined by an explosion of geometric shapes in the 20x20 cm size. There are many creative combinations: Cerchi, an unusual and charismatic decor; Sagome, a tactile design that encapsulates all the strength of craftsmanship and handmade manufacture; Ipanema, featuring the style of luminous majolica, with its soft, natural shade; Combinazioni, which captivates with its geometric rigour; Forme, whose aquamarine hue caresses and gently illuminates surfaces; finally, Tracce, intense and vibrant, embraces natural traces to soothe our restless souls.
The 20x20 cm wall tile is also available in 6 glossy, classic, solid colours – Nuvola, Perla, Pesca, Armadillo, Acquamarina and Sottobosco – which have been reproduced, worked and combined with extreme creativity and skill to match the classic Faetano bricks in the Manufatti collection.
The soft, light forms flow and decorate the home, recreating an old-fashioned handcrafted style, embellished with natural imperfections that depart from the usual look of porcelain stoneware wall tiles for the bathroom and kitchen.
  • MI
  • Glazed porcelain stoneware

Sizes 20x20 - Ceramica Del Conca
20x20  .  8"x8"
Sizes 7.5x40 - Ceramica Del Conca
7.5x40  .  3"x16"
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