Porcelain Stoneware Obscura the Bar, il progetto di Eleni Karimali, RODI, GRECIA top - Ceramica del Conca

Obscura the Bar, il progetto di Eleni Karimali, RODI, GRECIA

Porcelain Stoneware Obscura the Bar, il progetto di Eleni Karimali, RODI, GRECIA quadrato - Ceramica del Conca

Obscura The Bar can be found in the Medieval city of Rhodes, in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The aspiring guest, after having left the hustle and bustle of the modern city, enters the unique space of the Old City and walking through the cobbled streets, arrives in front of Obscura’s main entrance, a unique entrance thanks to its carved Gothic arch, witness to one of the many civilisations that have marched through the city. The evocative architectural project was designed by architect Eleni Karimali, who enhanced every corner of this historic space. Passing under the arch, you enter a courtyard surrounded by isodomic travertine walls, a reference material of the Medieval city of Rhodes. The dominant element in this courtyard is the wall of the adjacent building which bears samples of defence architecture from the past. The star of the entire decoration of the space is the Boutique Bloom marble-look collection. This ceramic slab has very strong black geometric shading on a white background and this intense dark motif is in line with the bar’s name, OBSCURA. The same finish was chosen for the tiling of the horizontal counters, back bar and the monolithic mass of the Cocktail Station. A choice made not only for aesthetic motives, but above all because this contemporary material is completely different from the traditional stone from which the surrounding walls are made, thus preserving the authenticity of the old and allowing its historical beauty to shine through. The same tiling was used to cover a wall built under the pre-existing external staircase in the courtyard, creating a pantry, whose entrance is imperceptible thanks to the built-in door. Bloom was also used to tile a self-supporting structure, that houses an illuminated palm tree that acts as a focus of attention within the courtyard. (Photo by Milton Louiz)

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