Hotel Togglerhof, Bressanone, Italia

Today wine is no longer pressed at the Hotel Torgglerhof in Karnol...

Hotel Torgglerhof, nestled in the gently rolling highlands of the Eisack Valley and situated near the bishopric of Brixen and right at the foot of the Plose skiing and hiking area, is ready with interesting stories about “winemaking”, “pressing” (“torggeln” in the local German dialect), and the “good old days”. South Tyrolean wine was pressed (“torggeln”) until just a few decades ago, and no one knows better than senior partner Hans what strenuous work this was.

A few decades ago there was still a small farmyard at the present hotel, which was referred to as Torgglhäusl, Lex or Roder. A wagon-maker, who occasionally performed his work on the “Stör”, worked here until about 30 years ago.Today wine is no longer pressed at the Hotel Torgglerhof in Karnol.

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