Eracle Sports Center, San Piero della Battaglia, Italia

Eracle Sport Center, Del Conca products in all areas.

The Eracle Sports Center is located in San Fermo della Battaglia in Como province and takes its name from the Greek mythological hero protector of sports and gyms. It is a multi-sports and multidisciplinary facility aimed at both children and families with the goal of becoming a center of aggregation and integration. The campus was recently completed and today includes a club house with a wellness center, a "family space" with restaurant, a cafeteria and a physiotherapy center. The sports center is made of an internal structure that houses a fitness studio, two swimming pools and three training rooms as well as the rest rooms and changing rooms. In the outdoor area there are football fields for 5 and 8 players, tennis, beach volleyball and paddle courts. The sport fields have their own changing rooms and they are also offered for private events and parties.

The sports center is huge. The Eracle is spread over 16,500 square meters of which 4,000 covered and 3,300 developed inside air balloons. This very large project was designed entirely by Paolo Pettene's SdiA architect studio. He decided its entire layout up to the choice of finishes, custom-made furnishings and interior graphics. He is innovative in structural choices and technological equipment. He developed the coverage of the largest basin made of visible steel structures and the photovoltaic glass integrated windows.

His design meets the requirements of functionality and excellence.

The Made in Italy rules in all environments, from the furniture to all automatic devices of the changing rooms, from the accessories for the halls and the offices to the floors and walls by Del Conca with the series Da Vinci due2, In-Out, Forma, Monteverde, Upgrade due2, Zelo, Dogma, Halo, Epokal, Saloon. It is a gres porcelain product in shades of gray, with a natural look and with alignments to the wood look. It was chosen for the floors and the walls and also for the installation on the heated floors. The exchange between the sizes and the thicknesses allows the products to be fixed both in places dedicated to sports and in recreational areas and ensures homogeneous design for the entire sports center.

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