Ground-breaking technology, perfect synchrony between graphic design and structure on ceramic slabs, variety of range and material effect decors, international award for the concept and special mentions for sustainability.


When it comes to choosing the most suitable floor or wall covering for an interior, materials that reproduce effects similar to nature are becoming more and more popular.

With Dinamika, the new concept state-of-the-art stoneware, the stone covering becomes deep and three-dimensional thanks to perfect synchrony between graphic design and structure.

Where a vein appears, the relative furrow can be clearly felt, exactly as in natural materials.

All this is made possible by the Dinamika Deep Surfaces technology, crowning two years of experimentation by the company’s in-house laboratories.

Del Conca is the only company with access to this leading-edge technology, also applied to Travertino, Pietra di Borgogna, Pietra Pece and Breccia Grey in large slab size of 120x260 cm.


Dinamika Stone Edition interprets exquisite travertine stone in its most elegant shade, a warm milky white, to create a surface as intense as the natural stone itself.

The stoneware slabs reproduce travertine marble in all its classical allure, framing it in the large size to make it perfect for indoor coverings.

The texture of Travertino Navona is characterized by small inclusions of animal and plant fossils, which construct a fabric of matter, layered and perfected by time, to inspire the creativity of architects and designers.

Stone coverings are definitely amongst the most fashionable in large, prestigious projects for the redevelopment of large disused industrial complexes with a rich history.


The decor of the Travertino coverings, called Stories #01, has a chiselled surface to highlight the marks left when stone is worked in the traditional way.

It carries a vast array of deep grooves and irregular and parallel furrows, their three-dimensional nature emphasised by the 120x260 large size and the 60x120 size.

The warm white colour is the same as that of the Travertino tiles, and it therefore matches them perfectly, for the creation of total look interiors with simple variations in surface.

Alternating plain and decor tiles in the same stone is definitely ideal both for designing the backdrop for impressive furnishings and for making the surfaces themselves the key features of the interior, by also using them to cover furnishings and fittings such as tables and washbasins.


State-of-the-art stoneware floor and wall coverings where subtle shade variations, typical of one of the most internationally famous French stones, Pierre de Bourgogne, run across a natural surface of unique beauty.

Tactile and visual sensations are perfectly matched; every shade variation corresponds to a depression in the surface.

A profoundly accurate reproduction, achieved thanks to the Dinamika Deep Surfaces technology, of a stone only to be found in the great monuments of Burgundy, the region of France famous for its wines and its wonderful architectural heritage, constructed with this exquisite, rare stone.

The colour is warm, consisting of a beige varying in intensity depending on the light.


The Stories decor of the Pietra di Borgogna stoneware slab, called Stories #02, is produced in the 120x260 and 60x120 cm sizes: the effect is that of a white mesh sunk into the surface, with small, uneven chequering like a delicate but clearly visible twill.

Every one of the horizontal and vertical intersecting lines is perfectly three-dimensional - you can trace it right across the slab with a fingertip with your eyes closed.

Use of the decor on just one wall or on a low masonry feature is often the interior design strategy chosen by architects who wish to cover the floor and walls with natural stone and highlight an area of the home with a tactile, three-dimensional surface.


Slabs with a stone effect characterised by a grey colour criss-crossed by ever-changing whitish and reddish veins.

Dinamika combines extreme technical precision with human know-how to generate an endless variety of graphic design, its natural beauty fully revealed by the passage of a raking light.

Every single vein in this covering corresponds to a ridge or furrow in the surface, just as in claddings of the natural stone itself.

These floor and wall coverings provide the potential for particularly striking, daring interior designs.


A smooth, gentle wave flows across the surface of the Stories #03 Breccia Grey decor.

The interpretation of the natural stone covering achieved with the Dinamika Deep Surfaces technology is enhanced by a hyper-realistic three-dimensional effect.

The curved line which joins together the short sides of the slab simply emphasises the rich colours of the texture: the grey is interrupted by white, reddish and yellow veins.

This grey stone offers infinite potentials for combination, and contemporary interior designers use it to create rooms with a strong personality, where carefully placed raking light can illuminate walls of timeless beauty.


Uniquely coloured in a varied dark brown, Pietra Pece is an interpretation, precise down to the tiniest details, of a stone covering treated with dark powders and pigments of different particle sizes to create high and bas-relief texturing.

A surface with an exclusive three-dimensional texture, in which the shade variations are perfectly matched with the ridges and furrows, just like that of the natural stone floors.

The spectacular dark shades typical of this type of stone, combined with the flawless structure of stoneware, the latest-generation extra-large sizes and, to complete the effect, unusual installation patterns, are the ideal solution for architects and interior designers.


The decor of the Pietra Pece covering, christened Stories #04, features a cascade of perpendicular three-dimensional lines.

This covering is in a warm, enticing brown colour.

The tactile appeal achieved with the Dinamika technology derives from the perfect synchrony between the high and low relief features and the variations in colour

A wall covered with this decor was constructed for the collection’s launch at Cersaie 2021, its surface illuminated with a beam of light to encourage visitors to run a hand over the covering and experience its incredible three-dimensionality.


Large size stone coverings can be installed in all locations, both vertical and horizontal.

Their size and slim thickness make installation more complex, but the latest adhesives and new handling and installation technologies, if correctly adopted, enable the achievement of outstanding, durable results.

When installing a decor, such as Travertino, the furrows in the texture are particularly effective if installed horizontal, for an accurate evocation of the look of a natural stone covering.

A material that reproduces the effect of eroded, chiselled rock, where every bas-relief is enhanced by accurately matched graphic patterning in striking, realistic colours.


The Dinamika Stone Edition collection reinterprets stone coverings for modern interiors, supporting an outstanding choice of Travertino, Pietra di Borgogna, Pietra Pece and Breccia Grey with a wide selection of sizes.

In fact, both background and decor are available as ceramic slabs of 120x260 cm and large tiles of 60x120 cm.

Each stone effect is produced in the 120x120, 60x60 and 30x60 cm sizes and everyone has its own unique mosaic.

The thickness for all formats is 8.5 mm.

Dinamika is a state-of-the-art stoneware with optimal resistance to impacts, scratches and acids.

Surfaces have slip-resistance coefficient of R10.


Chosen from over 750 entrants from all over the world and by a jury of top names in Architecture and Design, the winning projects at the Archiproducts Design Award 2021, including Dinamika by Ceramica del Conca, were selected for their outstanding creativity, technology and research, as well as their unique concept.

Dinamika Deep Surfaces, launched at Cersaie 2021, reproduces a stone covering for indoor use.

The Travertino marble effect was a star of the Bologna trade fair and the Stone Edition collection received a special mention for sustainability.

An award in recognition of production techniques which reduce pollutant emissions and minimise environmental impact.

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