Del Conca in the Sky Lounge and Pool of the Luna Holiday Complex, in Malta

During Malta’s hot summer season,there is no better place to be than beside the pool. At the brand new Sky Lounge & Pool you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view whilst enjoying the bar and lounge area with waiter service. A small district of Mellieha, Selmun is often dismissed by visitors and often not known about at all. Overlooking the area is Selmun Palace, built by the Knights of Malta during the reign of Grand Master Manoel de Rohan. Used as both a hunting lodge and noble residence, it not only had acres of grounds attached to it, but also boasted views across Mellieha and beyond. Later used by the British as a naval hospital during the Maltese rebellion against the French. In more recent years, the Selmun Palace Hotel was built adjacent to the palace, but running at a loss it eventually closed n 2011. Now left uninhabited and unattended, the building is beginning to see the ravages of time and is presently for sale…if you a spare few million euros.Standing tall on St Marfa’s Ridge, Mellieha, is St Agatha’s Tower, more commonly known as the Red Tower due to it’s painted color, which remained during its restoration process. This watch tower, protecting the straits between Malta and Gozo, was built in 1649 when the island was under the rule of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris Castellar. Dedicated to St Agatha, the tower houses a small chapel and originally had two extra rooms used as the sleeping areas for its 49-man garrison. The tower’s distinct colour, location and four turrets make it visible across Mellieha.

Floor of Luna Holiday Complex by Del Conca. Nat tile collection.

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