Wall Collection

An artistic heritage to be preserved and innovated

The creative soul of Ceramica Faetano reaches its maximum expression in the Wall Collection, small wall tiles in which bases, mosaics and decorations mix freely, interpreting the ancient flavour of the ceramic artefact with a contemporary language.

Small flakes of marble, fragments and glass find their elegant geometric composition in space, flanked by a brick format with understated pastel tones.
Material and dusty shades, a neutral surface with spatula strokes and a polka dot design, make the product contemporary yet sophisticated.
Artistic visions in perfect balance between formal perfection and chromatic essentiality.
Pastel shades meet typical decorations of the late nineteenth century, for a considerably trendy result.
Slightly hazy soft tones are enriched with vintage-inspired graphics.
An explosion of colours for a trendy 1950s décor.
Ancient and modern come together in a covering inspired by the tradition of majolicas.
Contemporary chromatism in perfect industrial style envelops the more traditional decorations.
Soft and light floral essences give harmony to the most sophisticated bathrooms.
A floral-fragranced wallpaper effect covering.
Brushstrokes of colour imprinted on the surface create a covering with a watercolour effect.
An extremely modern graphic motif presented in a completely innovative format.
Vivid colours and Renaissance-inspired decorations vividly characterise residential and commercial spaces.
An elegant classicism, reminiscent of a distant era.
Bucolic decorations for spaces with a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.
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